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Tracking 4PX packages, shipments and deliveries


4PX - is the courier delivery service (🇨🇳 China). You can track your parcel, shipment or order with the help of our website using the form above. If the parcel is not tracked, it may not have been added to the tracking system yet. Therefore, we recommend you to wait a few days and then try to track again. You can also try to track the parcel on the official website of 4PX - or contact the hotline operator by phone number: 86-755-23508000 and check the status there

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • 【Provincial International Huadiwan Sales Department】Received and sent, Pitcher: Miao Xueyun ZH1, Tel: 17724217935
  • 【东莞国际】已出口直封
  • 【包裹快递大宗营业部后台支撑班】已收件,揽投员:dg3
  • 【包裹快递大宗营业部后台支撑班】已收寄,揽投员:dg4
  • 【川崎】发送到境外海关部门
  • 【川崎】境外进口海关留存待验
  • 【川崎】送交境外进口海关
  • 【广东省国际公司直属花地湾营业部】已收寄,揽投员:何剑华,电话:13927721343
  • 【广州国际邮件处理中心】已出口直封
  • 【广州市国际互换局】已出口直封
  • 【日本】境外进口海关放行
  • 【日本】安排投递
  • 【日本】已签收
  • 【省国际花地湾营业部】已收寄,揽投员:黄书华ZHsj,电话:17724217935
  • "Parcel in transit
  • 4PX Express picked up the shipment
  • 4PX picked up shipment.
  • 4px received shipment
  • 4PX received shipment.
  • Accepted at USPS Destination Facility
  • Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
  • Accepted by carrier
  • Accepted by Evri Gateway
  • Arrival at delivery facility
  • Arrival at Destination
  • Arrival at Hub
  • Arrival at inward office of exchange
  • Arrival at Processing Center
  • Arrival at Processing Center in Saudi Arabia
  • Arrival of goods at destination airport
  • Arrival to Delivery Station
  • Arrival to the destination airport
  • Arrive at overseas processing center
  • Arrive at the destination distribution center
  • Arrive at the destination distribution center.
  • Arrived at airport
  • Arrived At Depot
  • Arrived at depot (reading service centre)
  • Arrived at destination country/region sorting center
  • Arrived at export center
  • Arrived at hong kong hub
  • Arrived at Hong Kong hub.
  • Arrived at Post Office
  • Arrived at the destination airport
  • Arrived at USPS Facility
  • Arrived at usps regional facility
  • Arrived at USPS Regional Facility. Your item arrived at our USPS facility in ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on January 17, 2022 at 7:39 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
  • Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
  • Arrived destination Airport