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Tracking LaserShip packages, shipments and deliveries


When it comes to having a good delivery experience, LaserShip can get your products to your doorstep in a fast way with no hassles. And free shipping makes the experience even better, because of fewer costs for you. LaserShip works directly with internet retailers to help you get what you need. In business since 1986, LaserShip works hard to get those packages and parcels to the doorstep for its clients. 

LaserShip can assist by delivering meal kits to help you prepare your delicious dinner, or getting that last-minute trip to the store. Indeed, our goal at LaserShip is to provide you with more time to take care of what you need. LaserShip can help deliver some of those favorite products to your doorstep. 

LaserShip also allows independent contractors to deliver packages as well. You can consider a new career by finding out more, here. And when it comes to the question of what kind of vehicle you have, Lasership has delivery routes available for minivans, SUV’s, cargo vans, box trucks and even smaller cars. LaserShip works as an independent business. And we also allow our independent contractors to deliver packages on behalf of some very large and prominent retailers. 

When it comes to the key services that LaserShip provides, you can count on them to handle residential e-commerce, custom routed courier work and global deliveries. When it comes to LaserShip and the e-commerce economy, LaserShip makes sure to meet the heavy demands of handling multiple delivery options. LaserShip is truly about giving the consumer what it wants: Speed, accuracy and flexibility. And Lasership provides deliveries to 100 million customers located in the eastern parts of the US. We cover the state of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. LaserShip also delivers to the state of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Our residential services include same-day, next-day and two-day shipping. 

LaserShip also serves milieus like retail, meal kits, health & nutrition, apparel, cosmetics, office supply and healthcare/medical for residential e-commerce services. When it comes to its custom routed courier services, LaserShip is involved with logistics solutions that provide support for those customers with unique requirements. And our services also include milieus like office supplies, healthcare, payroll as well as financial and professional services. 

When it comes to their global delivery services, LaserShip can cover deliveries for the aviation, healthcare/medical, technology, entertainment, automotive and industrial business sectors. With three decades of experience with delivery package shipping and deliveries, LaserShip has been successful working in an environment that relies on time-sensitive deliveries to be completed without issues. And LaserShip understands that having an essential impact concerning both performance and execution matters. 

LaserShip has a great deal of pride when we are the reason for saving the day for both our stakeholders and customers. From town-to-town deliveries to worldwide commerce, LaserShip is there for your critical shipments. And LaserShip relies on 24/7 experts who use state-of-the-art routing technology like GPS to provide solutions that are specific to your requirements. Choose LaserShip, today.


How long does it take to send a package by LaserShip?

Original Country Destination Country Days
🇷🇺 Russia 🇧🇷 Brazil 1.5 (tracked packages: 1)
🇺🇸 United States 🇺🇸 United States 1.5 (tracked packages: 23596)

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • Arrived at LaserShip Final Servicing Facility
  • Delay in delivery due to external factors
  • Delivery could not be completed - Business closed
  • Delivery could not be completed - Unable to gain access to deliver package
  • Delivery could not be completed - Unable to leave package
  • Departed from LaserShip Facility
  • Label Created, tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the LaserShip facility
  • LaserShip Origin Scan
  • Loaded onto vehicle
  • Order has been delivered
  • Out for Delivery
  • Out for Delivery to recipient
  • Package is on its way
  • Package received by your local LaserShip facility and is processing for delivery, see Estimated Delivery Date
  • Parcel has been lost by LaserShip
  • Possible Delay in Delivery
  • Select the camera icon to view delivery photo
  • Shipping Label Created
  • We're awaiting receipt of your package from the seller. Please continue to check your tracking for real time updates
  • We're preparing your package for delivery, see Estimated Delivery Date
  • Your package has been delayed due to weather. We will deliver as soon as possible
  • Your package has been delivered
  • Your package has been received and is on it's way to your LaserShip Facility, see Estimated Delivery Date
  • Your package has been received and is on its way to your LaserShip Facility, see Estimated Delivery Date