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TNT Hong Kong

TNT Hong Kong - is the national postal service (🇨🇳 China). You can track your parcel, shipment or order with the help of our website using the form above. If the parcel is not tracked, it may not have been added to the tracking system yet. Therefore, we recommend you to wait a few days and then try to track again. You can also try to track the parcel on the official website of TNT Hong Kong - or contact the hotline operator by phone number: and check the status there

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • Acceptance
  • Arrived at destination terminal
  • Arrived at KANSAS CITY, MO
  • Arrived at LOUISVILLE, KY
  • Arrived at origin terminal
  • Delivered
  • Delivered. Signed by:  FUAD FEYSAL
  • Departed KANSAS CITY, MO in route to LOUISVILLE, KY
  • Departed LOS ANGELES, CA in route to KANSAS CITY, MO
  • Departed LOUISVILLE, KY in route to destination terminal
  • Departed SALT LAKE CITY, UT in route to BOISE, ID
  • Dispatched
  • Has been loaded by a carrier at IMX dispatch hub
  • Picked Up in SOUTH EL MONTE, CA
  • Picked Up in WEST VALLEY CITY, UT
  • Processed Through Facility
  • Processed Through Facility. We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
  • Received at Exchange office for delivery
  • Received at Exchnage office for dispatch
  • Received the Shipment from customer
  • The delivery address is incomplete and we cannot deliver your parcel. We are looking for additional information to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel. Please contact our customer service to provide the necessary additional information.
  • The parcel COLIS EXPAT Reference 1226395 has been loaded by a carrier at IMX dispatch hub. Distributor : Colissimo Eco. Reference : 9W43220630381
  • Votre colis a été déposé dans un point postal trop tardivement pour partir aujourd'hui. Il partira demain (ou le prochain jour ouvré en cas de dimanche ou jour férié).
  • Votre colis a été déposé dans un point postal.
  • Votre colis est dédouané et il est en cours d'acheminement vers le pays de destination.
  • Votre colis est en transit sur nos plateformes logistiques pour vous être livré le plus rapidement possible.
  • Votre colis est prêt à partir de son territoire d’expédition. Il va être remis au transporteur pour son acheminement.
  • Votre Colissimo va bientôt nous être confié ! Il est en cours de préparation chez votre expéditeur.
  • Votre envoi a été distribué dans la boîte à lettres.
  • Votre envoi a été remis à La Poste par l'expéditeur.
  • Votre envoi est arrivé dans le pays du destinataire.
  • Votre envoi est en cours d'acheminement dans un pays de transit.
  • Votre envoi est en cours d'acheminement vers sa destination.
  • Votre envoi est sur le site qui dessert votre adresse. Nous préparons sa distribution.
  • Votre envoi vient de quitter le pays de transit.
  • Votre envoi vient de quitter son pays d'origine.
  • We came by but we couldn t give you your parcel. It will be sent to your pick-up point.
  • We delivered your post
  • We have collected your post, it is now in WATERFORD D.S.U., CO WATERFORD
  • We have your delivery DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE, DUBLIN 12
  • We have your post and are getting it ready for delivery
  • We have your post in DUBLIN PARCEL HUB, DUBLIN 12
  • We have your post in LONDON, HEATHROW TRANSIT HUB
  • We have your post in PORTLAOISE MAIL CENTRE, CO LAOIS
  • We tried to deliver your post HONG KONG Reason: The address was incomplete.
  • You need to contact customs directly. Your delivery is being held by customs in AUSTRALIA
  • Your Colissimo will soon be handed over to us! It is being prepared by the sender. If you have any questions, you can contact your sender or their customer service.
  • Your delivery has been received in LONDON, HEATHROW TRANSIT HUB
  • Your delivery has been sorted AUSTRALIA