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Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a Singapore logistics firm. In 2014, the company began operations as a last-mile transport and package delivery provider in ASEAN countries. Ninja Van has sorting facilities in ASEAN nations including Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It works with e-commerce companies including Alibaba Group's Lazada for Indonesia, GoTo's Tokopedia for Indonesia, and Sea Ltd's Shopee for Thailand. To improve delivery methods, it uses vehicle routing problem algorithms. It employs route optimization technologies to enhance transportation networks to meet demand.


In 2014, Lai Chang Wen, Shaun Chong, and Tan Boxian launched the Ninja Van. The business runs on a hub-and-spoke model rather than a point-to-point system like GOGOX and Lalamove do. It delivered an average of one million parcels per day throughout the ASEAN region in 2019.

In 2020, Ninja Van experienced a three-fold increase in parcel volume in Singapore during the COVID-19 epidemic. In Malaysia, package volume increased by two times as a result of social-commerce transactions. It was rumored that Ninja Van was considering an IPO in 2022 in July 2021.