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Tracking Samoa Post packages, shipments and deliveries

Samoa Post

Samoa Post - is the national postal service (🇼🇸 Samoa). You can track your parcel, shipment or order with the help of our website using the form above. If the parcel is not tracked, it may not have been added to the tracking system yet. Therefore, we recommend you to wait a few days and then try to track again. You can also try to track the parcel on the official website of Samoa Post - or contact the hotline operator by phone number: + 685-27640 and check the status there

How long does it take to send a package from Samoa?

Destination Country Days
🇺🇸 United States 9.1 (tracked packages: 5)
🇦🇺 Australia 11.5 (tracked packages: 1)
🇬🇧 United Kingdom 11.5 (tracked packages: 15)
🇯🇵 Japan 23 (tracked packages: 1)
🇷🇺 Russia 25.6 (tracked packages: 513)
🇧🇷 Brazil 43.9 (tracked packages: 20)

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • Arrival at delivery office
  • Arrival at inward office of exchange
  • Arrival at outward office of exchange
  • Arrival at transit office of exchange
  • Departure from inward office of exchange
  • Departure from outward office of exchange
  • Departure from transit of exchange
  • Item held at delivery depot
  • Item out for physical delivery
  • Posting/Collection
  • Unsuccessful delivery