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STO Express - is the courier delivery service (🇨🇳 China). You can track your parcel, shipment or order with the help of our website using the form above. If the parcel is not tracked, it may not have been added to the tracking system yet. Therefore, we recommend you to wait a few days and then try to track again. You can also try to track the parcel on the official website of STO Express - or contact the hotline operator by phone number: 4008895543 and check the status there

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • [东莞市]【广东东莞大岭山公司】(0769-82186171)的申通小哥(胡海明/15625876958)正在为您派送(可放心接听95089申通专属派送号码),快件已消毒,小哥今日体温正常,佩戴口罩为您派送,投诉电话:0769-82186171
  • [东莞市]快件到达【广东东莞大岭山公司】咨询电话:0769-82186171
  • [东莞市]快件到达【广东东莞转运中心】
  • [东莞市]快件离开【广东东莞转运中心】已发往【广东东莞大岭山公司】
  • [广州市]【广东广州火车站公司】(16737675737)的申通小哥(魏芳/15976150962)正在为您派送(可放心接听95089申通专属派送号码),快件已消毒,小哥今日体温正常,佩戴口罩为您派送,投诉电话:16737675737
  • [广州市]快件到达【广东广州火车站公司】咨询电话:16737675737
  • [广州市]快件到达【广东广州转运中心】
  • [广州市]快件离开【广东广州转运中心】已发往【广东广州火车站公司】
  • [深圳市]【广东深圳观澜公司】(0755-36561336)的观澜收件(13546846342)已揽收
  • [深圳市]快件到达【广东深圳坂田集散中心】
  • [深圳市]快件到达【广东深圳龙华集散中心】
  • [深圳市]快件离开【广东深圳坂田集散中心】已发往【广东深圳龙华集散中心】
  • [深圳市]快件离开【广东深圳观澜公司】已发往【广东深圳坂田集散中心】
  • [深圳市]快件离开【广东深圳龙华集散中心】已发往【广东东莞转运中心】
  • [绍兴市]【浙江诸暨公司】(0575-80701333)的诸暨自动化(13454741244)已揽收
  • [金华市]【浙江永康公司】(0579-89277777)的小件收件扫描28(18708530210)已揽收
  • [金华市]快件到达【浙江金华转运中心】
  • [金华市]快件离开【浙江永康公司】已发往【浙江金华转运中心】
  • [金华市]快件离开【浙江金华转运中心】已发往【广东广州转运中心】
  • 【Zhejiang Yiwu Suxi Town East Branch】The delivery staff [Ye Yiguang] is delivering for you, if you have any questions, please contact the courier, contact number [15657918639], the express has been disinfected, Shentong brother has taken the temperature, please rest assured to receive and send express (95089 is the exclusive number of Shentong salesman, you can answer with confidence)
  • 【嘉兴申通高照营业部】的收件员【C06-张廷强】已收件
  • 【广东东莞寮步公司】的收件员【钟劲涛】已收件
  • 【广东东莞虎门大客户部】的收件员【骆春艳】已收件
  • 【广东佛山黄岐北分部(0757-85921751)】的申通小哥【崔科(15827856524)】正在为您派送,(可放心接听95089申通专属派送号码),快件已消毒,小哥今日体温正常,佩戴口罩为您派送,投诉电话:0757-85576888
  • 【广东广州增槎路公司】的派件员【钟金发】正在为您派件,如有疑问请联系派件员,联系电话【18617379639】,快件已消毒,申通小哥已测体温,请放心收寄快递(95089为申通业务员外呼专属号码,可放心接听)
  • 【广东广州钟村公司】的派件员【方波义】正在为您派件,如有疑问请联系派件员,联系电话【19865881725】,快件已消毒,申通小哥已测体温,请放心收寄快递(95089为申通业务员外呼专属号码,可放心接听)
  • 【广东广州钟村公司】的派件员【方波义】正在为您派件,如有疑问请联系派件员,联系电话【19865881725】,快件已消毒,申通小哥已测体温,请放心收寄快递(95132,95089为申通业务员外呼专属号码,可放心接听)
  • 【广东广州钟村公司】的派件员【贾杰】正在为您派件,如有疑问请联系派件员,联系电话【16676330011】,快件已消毒,申通小哥已测体温,请放心收寄快递(95089为申通业务员外呼专属号码,可放心接听)
  • 【浙江东阳公司】的收件员【西区扫描一】已收件
  • 【浙江海宁申通公司】的收件员【6210泾长四五里】已收件
  • Express has arrived at Zhejiang Yiwu Company, the scanner is the "Wang Yajun"
  • Express mail from 【Zhejiang Yiwu Company】to 【Zhejiang Yiwu Suxi Town East Branch】
  • Express mail from 【Zhejiang Zhenhai Company】 to 【Zhejiang Ningbo Transfer Center】
  • The express has arrived [Zhejiang Yiwu Suxi Town East Branch] The scanner is [Ye Yiguang]
  • The express has arrived at [Zhejiang Jinhua Transfer Center] The scanner is [Shu Tianxun]
  • The express has arrived at [Zhejiang Ningbo Transfer Center] The scanner is [Yang Jisheng]
  • The express mail is sent from [Zhejiang Jinhua Transit Center] to [Zhejiang Yiwu Company], and the parcel has been sanitize
  • The express mail is sent from [Zhejiang Ningbo Transit Center] to [Zhejiang Jinhua Transfer Center], and the parcel has been sanitize
  • The recipient of [Zhejiang Zhenhai Company] [Camel Area] has been received
  • 云南昆明转运中心-已发往-云南瑞丽公司,包裹已消杀
  • 云南瑞丽公司-林杰(18288146999,0692-4120022)-派件中,快件已消毒,申通小哥已测体温,请放心收寄快递(95132,95089为申通业务员外呼专属号码,可放心接听)
  • 国际俄伊尔库茨克公司-已发往-黑龙江黑河公司
  • 国际俄伊尔库茨克公司(13801376390)-国际俄伊尔库茨克公司(13801376390)-已收件
  • 已到达-云南昆明转运中心
  • 已到达-云南瑞丽公司
  • 已到达-广东东莞第三分部
  • 已到达-广东东莞转运中心
  • 已到达-广东中山转运中心
  • 已到达-广东佛山黄岐北分部
  • 已到达-广东增城转运中心