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Tracking YDH packages, shipments and deliveries


YDH - is the courier delivery service (🇨🇳 China). You can track your parcel, shipment or order with the help of our website using the form above. If the parcel is not tracked, it may not have been added to the tracking system yet. Therefore, we recommend you to wait a few days and then try to track again. You can also try to track the parcel on the official website of YDH - or contact the hotline operator by phone number: +86 400-888-1378 and check the status there

Possible Tracking Statuses

  • Accept or Pickup (by carrier)
  • Acceptance at Destination
  • Accepted at USPS Destination Sort Facility
  • Accepted at USPS Facility
  • Accepted by Evri Gateway
  • Arrival at Pickup Point
  • Arrival at Unit
  • arrive at international airport to abroad
  • Arrive at nearby hub
  • Arrive attransit country or district.
  • Arrived at customs
  • Arrived at Facility
  • Arrived at Post Office
  • Arrived at sort facility
  • Arrived Shipping Partner Facility
  • Arrivée au bureau d'échange du pays de destination
  • Arrivée au centre de tri
  • At Post Office
  • At the customers local depot
  • At the national sorting hub
  • At this moment your request can not be processed. Please try again.
  • Awaiting pick up by recipient as requested
  • Courier has it
  • Customs inspection
  • Delivered
  • Delivery delay
  • Delivery delay-Due to strike / riots
  • Delivery delay-Incorrect/incomplete address
  • Delivery delay-Recipient not at home
  • Delivery will be attempted between 11:30 and 13:30 today
  • Delivery will now be attempted between 17:00 and 19:00 today
  • Départ du bureau d'échange du pays d'origine
  • Départ du bureau d'échange du pays de destination
  • Départ du centre de tri
  • Depart from transit country or district
  • departed facility in dongguan
  • Departed Shipping Partner Facility
  • Departed Sort Facility
  • Die Sendung ist auf dem Weg zu Hermes.
  • Die Sendung ist bisher nicht am Hermes Verteilzentrum DEP Lüneburg (1225) eingetroffen.
  • Domestic Return -Abnormal Shipment
  • Entrée dans le réseau postal
  • Export customs inspection
  • Flight delay
  • Hub infeed scan
  • Import clearance start
  • Import customs clearance complete
  • In Transit
  • In Transit to Hermes
  • In transit to Hermes.