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ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty retailer. It was founded in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. ASOS sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products. It has over 21 million active customers and ships to over 240 countries. ASOS has over 4000 people employed and is one of the largest employers in Yorkshire.

ASOS is a very popular site for buying clothes as well as other items such as shoes, bags, jewelry, and makeup. Here we will discuss how to do the following:

  • Browse ASOS' Clothing and Fashion sections  
  • Search for articles by typing keywords into the search bar or using filters like sizes and prices
  • Get notifications about sales and new arrivals through various methods (email subscription, liking on Facebook)
  • Add items to the cart
  • Checkout from your cart
  • Pay securely with PayPal or credit card (it's safe even if you don't have an account set up with them)
  • Track your orders
  • Contact customer support via email or social media if needed

ASOS main page

Browse Clothing and Fashion

ASOS has completely revamped its site recently, moving away from the old version which was set up more like eBay with brands on top and products on the left. The new site is simpler to browse through as it's more like a traditional e-commerce website, with all brands listed on the home page (with their own subcategories) and products divided into categories at the bottom of the screen. We will browse through ASOS' main sections to get a feel for the site.


The Clothing section is where you can browse all of ASOS' own clothing products, from tops to dresses and coats. In this section, you can also search for items by typing in keywords into the search bar at the top of the screen or using filters such as sizes and prices. For example, typing "wedges" into the search bar will bring up multiple options under that keyword. Clicking on one item will bring up other items with similar sizes, colors, etc. If there's nothing that interests you in this category, please move to 1b below.


The Fashion section is where you can go to look at all the different brands ASOS carries, from high-end fashion houses to well-known beauty brands. You can also pick subcategories for this section under "All Categories" on the right-hand side of your screen. Now would be a good time to check out some of ASOS' own clothing lines under their main brand ASOS.


This section contains subcategories for all the major fashion brands carried by ASOS, including Topshop, Missguided, Monki, etc. You can filter these according to whether they are men's or women's clothing, as well as filtering by price range, type (long sleeve t-shirt, maxi dress, etc), and main color. You can also sort the brands alphabetically (clicking on the "ABC" button) or by popularity (clicking on "Best Sellers") too.


This section contains subcategories for all ASOS' own brands of bags, shoes, jewelry, etc as well as accessories made by other companies such as Peter Alexander, Forever New, Diane Von Furstenberg, etc. It has its own search bar but you can always use filters to narrow down what you are looking for here too! Now would be a good time to look at one of ASOS' most popular brands, Topshop, since they sell both clothing and accessories under this brand. For example, click on their "Shoes" category and you will find all of the shoes they offer.


If you have a child or are shopping for one, this section has subcategories under brands such as Monki, Mini Miss KG (this brand is exclusive to ASOS), Hall of Fame (also an ASOS exclusive brand), etc. You can filter these too by gender (male/female), type (booties, sandals, etc), and size range.


This section contains subcategories for maternity wear (including mastectomy bras), bras, briefs/boxers, camisoles, suspenders, etc under all major brands. You can also narrow down your search by looking at ASOS' own brands here (there are four of them).

Add the Item to your Bag

Once you've found an item that interests you, click on its thumbnail picture or "Buy Now" button to bring up a larger version of the same image, along with more information about sizing, shipping, etc. If there is no info on the page for this specific item, like product details and measurements (in inches), please check out their main site - most products will have this information available in various places throughout their site. For example, clicking on the above dress brings up another page with its key features listed under the graphic. Please note that some products will have different size charts available. For example, clothing will have UK sizes whereas shoes will have US sizes.

Selecting the Right Size

Most of ASOS' own brands offer a "Standard" or "Fitted" option for sizing - the latter is tighter than the former. If you are not sure which one to choose, please use their Fit Finder (click on "Fit Guide" near the check-out). Your measurements (in inches) such as chest and waist etc can be entered into this tool and it will narrow down your selection based on that information. For example, if you measure between 34"-36" for your hips and 38"-39" for your bust, you'll find out that the "Standard" size has a better fit for you.

Size conversion

Another useful feature ASOS offers is their "Fit Finder". If you are shopping for brands that are not exclusive to ASOS or if you just want an idea of what size to pick in case it's not available in your local store, this will be very helpful. You can also use this tool when looking at shoes under one of ASOS' non-exclusive brands, such as Topshop. For example, if I wanted to look at shoes offered by Journee Collection, which is not an ASOS brand, I would have to do some research since sizing varies between shoe brands (e.g. UK7 vs US8). I would then have to use a tool like this one to find out what size I should be looking for.

Checking Out

After adding the item(s) you want to your bag, you will proceed with the check-out by entering your shipping and billing information - if you already have an account (you must be logged in), it is best practice to use the same username and password here as on ASOS' site. This saves time when placing orders in the future and also ensures that all of your saved items/orders/addresses etc can easily transfer from their main site into Shopcade's app with just a click of a button (you're welcome ladies!)! If this is your very first purchase from ASOS, you will also have to enter your contact details and choose a password (this is not the same as your login password).

Shipping Options

There are two shipping options available: Standard (free) and Express (paid), with 1-2 days delivery time depending on where you live. Generally speaking, if you aren't in a hurry and want to save some money, go for Standard; otherwise, pay up and enjoy faster delivery times! You can see the countries covered by these shipping methods here, under "Delivery" (e.g. Australia is covered by Standard, but not Express). It's worth noting that ASOS also offers free returns within 14 days of receiving your package so if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply send it back and get a refund.

Payment Methods

ASOS accepts major credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard as well as PayPal payments (no need for an account - just log in using your card info). They also accept payment via Apple Pay! This is definitely one of my favorite features since you don't have to leave the page to enter all of your information into a separate window: just click on "Apple Pay" under "Pay with..." and that's it! You can even use this feature if you want to make purchases from other stores but don't have an account set up yet (or forgot your password). Please note however that Apple Pay is only available for UK and US customers.

Tracking Your Order

Once you've completed the check-out process, your order will be sent to "In Process / Pre dispatch" status. It usually takes a couple of hours for this to happen, but it can take up to 24 hours on weekends or during sale periods. Please note that you will not be able to track your package until it reaches this status - tracking info may show "No Tracking Information Available". At this point, some people panic and think they've been scammed by ASOS...this is definitely not the case!

About The Free Standard Shipping Method

ASOS does offer a free shipping method called "Standard" which usually takes up to 5 days to deliver your package. This shipping method is free of charge because it doesn't provide any tracking information or confirmation that the package has been shipped. The only "proof" you will have that they're offloading your order is via email, which should arrive within a couple of hours after placing your order (this depends on the time of day). Please be aware though, that there are times when this email doesn't come through right away so if you don't receive it within 3-4 hours after making an order, I would recommend contacting their customer service team.

About The Express Shipping Method

ASOS also offers a paid shipping option called "Express", for which you will receive a tracking code and link so you can see the progress of your package. This method usually takes 1-2 days to deliver, depending on where you live (they don't ship express internationally). It is worth noting that they will not start processing express packages until 5 pm on weekdays, which means it does take up to 24 hours for them to dispatch these orders and send out the tracking info and confirmation email.

What If I Don't Receive A Shipping Confirmation Email?

During busy times such as sale periods or weekends, ASOS' customer service team may be very overwhelmed with requests and unable to respond as quickly as usual - this might result in delayed emails. In such cases, please do not open a dispute and instead give them time to respond (up to 5-6 business days, in most cases). If you do not receive an email within 2 business days, please contact their team using this form.

What If I Receive A Parcel But It's Sealed With A Security Tape?

ASOS will sometimes send your package with security tape because the item may have been on pre-order or delayed for some reason. In such cases, they usually include instructions that are easy to follow so that you can get into your package without damaging it! Please note however that if you purchase more than one item, only items that are ordered at the same time will be sent together - if one item is delayed, it will be held until all of your orders are ready to ship.

What If I Receive A Parcel But It Doesn't Seem To Be My Order?

Sometimes ASOS sends more than one package for the same order and they usually add a note so you know what's going on. This happens when:

  1. Your order was split into multiple packages because it contained items that were sent from different warehouses (e.g: part of your order was shipped from China and another part was shipped from the UK).
  2. The item(s) in your order was delayed for some reason (this might happen if they run out of stock or the warehouse has closed temporarily for maintenance). Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to speed up this process but your package will definitely be on its way soon!

What If I Receive A Parcel But There Is No Security Tape?

You may think that everything seems in order, however, this is not always the case...the last few times our clients received parcels without security tape, they contained items that were different from my original order (e.g: size/color). ASOS sometimes send wrong orders quietly and it can take time for them to figure out what went wrong - if you want to help them figure out the error quicker, please contact their customer service using the contact form.

ASOS Price Matching And "Pending" Status

One of the best things about shopping on ASOS is that they always price match, which means they will always refund you if you find any item cheaper anywhere else within 24 hours of making your purchase. They do not price match against previous purchases (even though other online stores like Zalando do) and it should also be noted that clearance items are excluded from this policy.

Some people complain about receiving emails stating their order has been "placed on hold" due to suspicious activity - these emails usually come through after using coupons or discount codes so please remember to check all promo code boxes before checking out! It's probably just an error but you might want to contact ASOS' customer service team just to make sure .


If you want a refund for any reason, ASOS has a pretty generous returns policy, and remember that they will state it on their website too! The following policies apply to both UK and international orders except where stated:

  • You can return your order within 14 days of receiving it. If you're from the UK, you can also do this by having it delivered to a Collect+ store near you.
  • Items must be unworn, unwashed and in perfect condition with all tags still attached.
  • You will have to cover the postage costs yourself unless your order didn't arrive or arrived faulty/damaged - ASOS usually pay for the return shipping cost.
  • Some items are excluded from this returns policy e.g: earrings, swimwear, and gift cards .
  • You should receive your refund within 14 days but I would give it at least 30 days just in case something went wrong - if you haven't received your refund after this time, get in touch with their customer service team here because there might be an issue with your account or order. ASOS usually responds very quickly (the longest I ever had to wait was 48 hours).

My Order Is Still Being Processed Even Though My Parcel Has Arrived

This is what happened to our client the other day...She checked the status of her order before coming to work and saw that everything was still processing so even though she had her parcel, she couldn't do anything with it!

Just now, something similar happened to her again but this is what the email said: " We have received your order and are currently processing it. Once your order has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from us detailing the items in your order and their delivery timescales. If you have any questions regarding your order please contact our customer service team via the ASK A QUESTION button on this page or click here to contact us. You can also find out more about tracking shipments by visiting our Delivery Information page. Please note that we use third-party couriers to deliver most of our orders and as such, we cannot give you an exact date of delivery. If you have not received your order within the estimated delivery time please contact our Customer Service Team via the 'ASK A QUESTION button on this page or click here to contact us. We will endeavor to track down your missing parcel for you."

Shopping With Extras

When shopping on ASOS, make sure that your basket doesn't contain any items that aren't in stock because they'll be removed from your order when you go to checkout!

If the item is in the "Shopping With Extras" section of your basket, simply remove it by clicking on the relevant part of the image. This isn't necessary if you're not shopping with extras though because all items are added to your order at the end of the checkout process.

You shouldn't have any problems doing this unless you've already started filling out your shipping details or submitted payment info - I almost did this once but managed to fix it before submitting!

ASOS Coupons And Discount Codes

As ASOS is constantly updating their website with new products and promotions, they often use free coupons for customers which can be used during registration or while checking out an order. You can find these coupons by clicking on the " Promotions " link at the top of any page on ASOS.

There are also promotional codes for discounts and free delivery - you can find these by clicking on the " Promotions " link at the top of any page on ASOS.